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  High Level Disinfection Device by Boiling

Eco Flusher  Special Storage Tank of Eco Flusher  Eco Flusher

ECO FLUSHER is a high level disinfection device by boiling for infectious liquid waste including bacteria and viruses.

Boiling is a safe and reliable method not affecting environment and human bodies.

Features of ECO FLUSHER  

In most of the facility, liquid infectious waste is collected in the disinfection device through piping system, and centrally processed using the chemical disinfectants. The weak point of such system is that inside of the pipes is still contaminated by bacteria and viruses.
The best way is to detoxify such waste water at the place of generation.
By installing ECO FLUSHER in places such as ‘breeding rooms for laboratory animals’, ‘genetic recombination laboratories’ and ‘clinical laboratories’, contamination of sewage pipe by bacteria and viruses can be prevented.

ECO FLUSHER is easy to transfer and install.
It is a compact device and can be installed in any place where water and electricity are available.
For instance, it may easily be installed in places such as medical camps in Africa accommodating patients with Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

ECO FLUSHER is its extensibility.
It can automatically detoxify liquid infectious waste at an amount of 60 liters per hour, which means more than 1 ton per 24 hours.
Moreover, if you install more than two ECO FLUSHERs in parallel, more contaminated liquid waste can be detoxified compared to traditional disinfection devices using centralized processing system.

Process of boiling

ECO FLUSHER is consisted of main unit and storage tank which temporarily store contaminated liquid waste.

The main unit is consisted of boiling tank, steam cooling tank and drainage cooling tank.

Liquid infectious waste which is flushed out from the emission source flows into the storage tank.

When the water level sensor of the storage tank detects the flow of the infectious liquid waste, the underwater pump is activated to deliver the liquid waste to the boiling tank of the main unit.

When the water level sensor of the boiling tank detects a certain amount of liquid waste, the underwater pump stops operation.

At the same time, the underwater heater of the boiling tank starts heating the liquid waste and the agitator starts operation.

As water temperature rises in the boiling tank, steam is generated. The generated steam is sent through the pipe to the steam cooling tank to be cooled down.This prevents steam from flowing into sewage pipe at a high temperature.

When the temperature of the liquid waste in the boiling tank reaches 100 degrees, the timer starts and boiling continues for 15 minutes.
The boiling time can be set optionally.

After 15 minutes of operation, the underwater heater stops.Then, to decrease the temperature of the liquid waste, tap water is poured in.

The water level rises as the amount of tap water increases in the boiling tank, and when it reaches a certain level, the liquid waste is discharged from the boiling tank.

The discharged liquid waste enters the drainage cooling tank and then is mixed with tap water poured in from the nozzle of the drainage cooling tank. At a temperature further lowered by this process, the liquid waste is finally discharged to the sewage pipe.

Thus a set of processes is finished, however, the process cycle repeats automatically as long as the storage tank contains liquid waste.

Eco Flusher
Model TKW-01
Size 1000 X 1100 X 1440 mm
Weight abt 250 kgs
Material SUS304
Voltage 200V  (Japan Model)
Heater 2.5 kW x 4
Max Disposal Capacity 60 L
Processing Time abt 50 minutes    
 Remark Automatic Operation  




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